About Global Surgical

It is not what a company thinks of itself, but what customers think of the company that matters…

In 1994, Global Surgical Corporation acquired the Urban Microscope and the SMR medical equipment divisions of Storz Instrument Company. Both these organizations had a long and distinguished history of serving the Otolaryngology market. Global built on these strengths and then became the first company to focus on the newly emerging dental microscopy market.

Global Surgical Corporation takes pride in the lasting relationships that have been built over the past 25 years of operating in the Dental and ENT markets. These relationships are what have made Global Surgical the leader in dental microscopy and the standard in ENT chairs and cabinetry.

Global Surgical Located in St. Louis, MissouriGlobal Surgical Corporation is a true US manufacturer of dental and medical equipment with complete manufacturing and assembly facilities in St. Louis, Missouri. Being headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, allows Global Surgical Corporation to reach our customers quickly and efficiently, whether it is domestically or internationally.

Made with Pride in the USA

Dental Equipment

Global Surgical is a worldwide leader in the dental microscope sales, with a distribution network operating in over 60 countries. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Global Surgical is the only U.S. manufacturer of surgical microscopes.

Since its formation, Global Surgical has strongly promoted the use of surgical microscopes in dentistry. The added precision, vision, and good ergonomics are very beneficial to practitioners. Today, Global Surgical is the leader in dental microscopy worldwide and the only U.S. manufacturer of surgical microscopes.

ENT Equipment

Global Surgical has over 80 years of history in supplying custom-made cabinets, chairs and stools to the ENT market. The diverse product line provides a unique advantage in the design, production and installation of temporal bone and multi-disciplinary teaching labs. Global Surgical is the only company with this combination of capabilities.

Urban microscopes established strong relationships with many leading otolaryngologists and maintained a tradition of quickly responding to their optical needs.

Global Surgical continues its long history in the ENT market with the SMR cabinet being the industry standard for the ENT office. SMR’s range of powered and manual chairs meets all of the requirements of today’s ENT specialist. Our labs have been installed in many distinguished medical teaching facilities such as the Mayo Clinic, University Hospital (Cleveland), Emory Hospital (Atlanta), Cleveland Clinic, the National Naval Medical Center, and San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Our Mission

Global Surgical Corporation is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality equipment for the Dental and ENT markets. We strive to provide superior customer service, technical service, and product support to our customers, ensuring their continued success. We encourage the development of new and innovative products to diversify our product offerings for our current markets and to enter additional markets.

Corporate Vision

To help doctors to realize their full potential by supplying the products needed for their success.

Corporate Values

  • We will treat our customers, employees and suppliers fairly and with respect.
  • We will continuously look for ways to improve overall operations.
  • We will strive to be the leader in the market for customer satisfaction.
  • We will work as a team; we only succeed if Global as a company succeeds.
  • We will reward based upon contribution and share the increase in value of the company with employees.