The Global Surgical A-Series dental microscope provides magnification from 2.1-19.2x, allowing you to see more detail for higher precision during any procedure. And, it's easy to get started.

Global Surgical A-Series Microscope

A-Series™ Dental Microscopes

The Global A-Series™ microscope is the ideal exam room microscope that offers compact design, easy maneuverability, intuitive controls, and brighter light. Our dental microscopes are offered with three different options of magnification range, a standard extension arm, an integrated LED light source, and the AXIS™ control system.

  • 3 options of magnification to choose from: A3, A4, or A6
  • Axis™ Control System—delivers magnification changer, control handles, and tension controls all in one place
  • Brightest LED light source available—100,000 lux
  • Ergonomic handles with integrated magnification changer
  • Eyepieces available in 10x
  • Three-stage filter assembly: clear, UV and green
  • More mounting options than any other brand
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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A-Series™ Magnification Chart

Magnification (x) / Field of View (dia-mm)
A3 Series3.2 / 626.4 / 3212.8 / 16
A4 Series3.2 / 625.1 / 398.0 / 2512.8 / 16
A6 Series2.1 / 953.2 / 625.1 / 398.0 / 2512.8 / 16 19.2 / 10
Utilizing 10X eyepieces; 250mm objective lens; 160mm binocular
Note: With selected components, this magnification range can be shifted up or down.

Mounting Options

Mobile Floorstand
A-Series Microscope Floor MountOur mobile floorstand features large wheels for easy transportation of the microscope between operatories and a scratch-resistant base. This configuration is also available as Fixed Floor Mount.
Ceiling Mount
A-Series Microscope Ceiling MountThis mounting provides an optimal location for convenient delivery of the microscope. Ceiling mountings are available for 8 to 10 foot ceilings.

Note: For 8′ ceiling options, please check with your representative about limitations.

High or Low Wall Mount
A-Series Microscope Wall MountThis configuration folds compactly against the wall for easy storage (an extension arm is needed for optimal storage).

Dental Chairs & Accessories

Global’s Micro-surgeon’s Chairs help you transition from macro to micro movements by fully adjusting to match your preferred work style. We also offer a wide variety of accessories, allowing you the flexibility to configure your equipment specifically for your particular needs. Our dental microscopes feature a modular design that accommodates a variety of configurations for optimal documentation and observation and allows you to easily upgrade with new assessories in the future.

Investment Guide

Thinking about a dental microscope? This is the ultimate guide to get you started.

How Are Dental Microscopes Used?

Our Global A-Series microscopes offer many benefits for general practitioners, endodontists and periodontists, based on their quality design and performance. Here are a few of the benefits and applications of a dental microscope by specialty.

Benefits for General Practitioners

Restorative Dentistry

  • Provides refinement in tooth and margin preparation.
  • Allows for closer inspection of restorations and marginal tissues.
  • Improved lighting and magnification aid in caries detection and removal.
  • Improves detection and evaluation of coronal and root fractures and abnormalities.
  • Facilitates cord placement for gingival retraction.
  • Provides for better inspection of impressions.
  • Helps with inspection of marginal fit of restoration (crowns, veneers, inlay/onlay, amalgam, composite).
  • Facilitates in finishing and polishing of margins.
  • Assists in gingival contouring or reshaping around teeth and implants.
  • Assists in evaluation after cementation.

Benefits in the Dental Laboratory

  • Assists in master die trimming.
  • Facilitates in the location of bubbles, imperfections and undercuts in the master die.
  • Facilitates in the marginal adaptation of wax or ceramic.
  • Inspection of internal aspect of metal casting or ceramic core for imperfections.
  • Adaptation of restoration to die for the finest marginal integrity.

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Benefits for Endodontists
  1. The Global Dental Operating Microscope provides improved illumination and magnification enhancing the precision and manipulation of all diagnostic and technical aspects of Endodontics.
    • Diagnosis: improves visualization of fracture patterns, both of the coronal aspect of the tooth, the chamber, and into the root structure.
    • Isolation, evaluation, and remediation of pulpal chamber obstructions, calcifications, and resorptions.
    • Allowing for predictable pulp chamber visualization, the investigation of calcified anatomy can be conducted safer, with reduced loss of tooth structure, minimizing iatrogenic incidents.
    • Three-dimensional visualization of root obstruction from separated instruments allowing for more successful removal of iatrogenic blockages.
    • Endodontic retreatment cases successfully “disassembled” due to predictable removal of core build-ups; cemented posts, silver cones, and previous root fill materials.
    • Careful evaluation of biomechanics allowing for more complete cleansing and disinfection of root canal systems.
    • Thorough cleansing of deep caries can be completely illuminated, removed, and sealed from oral fluids.
    • Manipulation of gingival tissue, for example electrosurgical, suturing, and laser procedures can be more delicately directed with enhanced visualization.
    • Endodontic surgical cases are enhanced as the complete lingual aspect of canal root structure can be more readily seen, allowing for complete root resection, and retro fill procedures. Retro fill preps can be directed to their proper alignment and depth. Enhanced surgical visualization allows for careful evaluation of suspected fractured root structure and periosseous defects.
  2. The Global Dental Operating Microscope allows for improved kinesiology around the endodontic procedure. The clinician’s position when working with the scope allows for a more favorable upright working environment, helping to alleviate occupational neck, back and shoulder issues.
    • Reduces operator fatigue and eyestrain during procedures.
    • Provide a wonderful platform for photographic documentation.

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Benefits for Periodontists
  • Allows surgeon to minimize the size of the surgical site, reducing patient discomfort and healing time.
  • Improves accuracy of microsurgical incisions and suturing with 6-0 through 8-0 sutures, permitting precise tissue/tissue and tissue/tooth approximation for primary would healing.
  • Allows for better inspection and diagnosis of abnormal soft tissue lesions of the gingiva, palate, and mucosa.
  • Improves visualization of root surface and adjacent intra-bony defects for definitive removal of calculus.
  • Aids identification of micro-inflammation during re-evaluation following non-surgical therapy.
  • Helps inspection of the quality of restorations and marginal tissues.
  • Permits micro-level osseous surgery facilitating bone removal without nicking the root surface and allows for better periodontal ligament preservation during ostectomy.
  • Permits accurate subepithelial placement and suturing of membranes and subepithelial connective tissue grafts.
  • Improves visualization of implant sites with minimal space between teeth and helps in evaluating the exact fit of implant prosthetic components and the health of marginal tissues around implants.
  • Permits precise control of laser surgery on adjacent teeth without injury to root or implant surfaces.
  • Permits accurate and easier root amputations and hemisection. Also helps with periapical surgeries when required during periodontal surgery.
  • Facilitates sinus lift procedures through direct visualization of the sinus membrane during dissection.
  • Permits fine dissection of the mandibular and mental nerves for lateral displacement during mandibular implant procedure.
  • Permits location of the periodontal ligament for atraumatic elevation of roots and root tips during extraction with concurrent ridge preservation/augmentation.
  • Improves detection and evaluation of root fractures and abnormalities.
  • Provides upright working conditions, alleviating occupational neck, back and shoulder problems.
  • Provides high-resolution video and 35mm photography for patient education, enhanced training, and insurance/legal documentation.

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