ENT Microscopes, Cabinets and Chairs

“We Make It Easier” SMR® Maxi Cabinets and Chairs and the A-Series Microscope are the result of over 80 years of experience in developing products for Otolaryngologists. This extensive experience is the reason why more Otolaryngologists have purchased SMR® treatment cabinets than any other brand and why many features found on competitive products in the market were borrowed from the SMR® product line.

Global Surgical Corporation’s cabinets, exam chairs, and microscopes are manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri and we take pride in the fact that our products remain engineered and created in the USA. When it comes to your custom needs, no one is better at engineering, building, and getting your products to you in record time.

The dedication to remain number one in the chair and cabinet market has inspired Global Surgical Corporation to continue to reinvest in our product line and provide our customers with the quality expected from the SMR® brand.

Using the finest state-of-the-art manufacturing methods has allowed Global Surgical SMR® to be the brand of choice among Otolaryngologists.

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