A-Series™ ENT Microscopes

The Global A-Series™ microscope is the ideal exam room microscope that offers compact design, easy maneuverability, intuitive controls, and brighter light. The A-Series™ microscope is offered with three different options of magnification range, a standard extension arm, an integrated LED light source, and the Axis control system.

  • 3 options of magnification to choose from: A3, A4, or A6
  • Axis™ Control System—delivers magnification changer, control handles, and tension controls all in one place
  • Ergonomic handles with integrated magnification changer
  • 100,000 lux bright-white LED light source
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
A Series Dental Microscope
Magnification (x) / Field of View (dia-mm)
A3 Series2.5 / 825.0 / 4310.0 / 20
A4 Series2.5 / 824.0 / 506.3 / 3210.0 / 20
A6 Series1.7 / 1202.5 / 824.0 / 506.3 / 3210.0 / 2015.0 / 14
Utilizing 10X eyepieces; 250mm objective lens; 160mm binocular
Note: With selected components, this magnification range can be shifted up or down.

Mounting Options

Mobile Floorstand

A-Series Microscope Floor MountOur mobile floorstand features large wheels for easy transportation of the microscope between operatories and a scratch-resistant base. This configuration is also available as Fixed Floor Mount.

Ceiling Mount

A-Series Microscope Ceiling MountThis mounting provides an optimal location for convenient delivery of the microscope. Ceiling mountings are available for 8 to 10 foot ceilings.

Note: For 8′ ceiling options, please check with your representative about limitations.

High or Low Wall Mount

A-Series Microscope Wall MountThis configuration folds compactly against the wall for easy storage (an extension arm is needed for optimal storage).

Dental Microscope Digital Camera Adapters

A-Series Microscope Accessories

Below are common accessories used with the microscope.

Video and Digital Imaging and Documentation

Provides excellent platform for documenting procedures and patient data. Read more about imaging and documentation.

Laser Filter Module

Laser Filter ModuleLasers are used in conjunction with dental microscopes to perform various surgical procedures, enabling highly precise and less invasive treatment. Dental applications range from teeth whitening to hard tissue cutting and soft tissue surgeries. The Laser Filter Module allows insertion of a Laser Filter Slide into the microscope to provide eye protection when performing laser surgeries through the microscope.

Laser Filter Slides

Laser Filter SlidesEach interchangeable Laser Filter Slide is custom designed to match the specific manufacturer and model of the laser in use and supply the correct level of protection at the proper wavelengths to prevent retinal damage. Eye protection which is built into the microscope provides a more comfortable alternative to wearing laser protection eyewear when working through the microscope.

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