SMR® Maxi Cabinets

“We Make It Easier” Global Surgical Corporation SMR Maxi treatment cabinets are the gold standard of the industry. Built to order, our fully customizable cabinets are the most versatile in the market. With over 30 million possible configurations, we are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Custom Maxi Cabinets

Global Surgical Corporation prides itself on the ability to create SMR® treatment cabinets that meet our customer’s specific needs. If you have a unique office arrangement that requires something special, Global Surgical Custom SMR® Cabinets are your solution.

Tall Cabinet

Standard Maxi Cabinet

Numerous exterior finishes, solid construction, and multiple features make these cabinets an essential element in any ENT office. Standard Maxi Cabinets are an economical choice, designed for busy doctors who need convenient storage and easy accessibility to their tools and medical supplies.

Tall Cabinet

Deluxe Maxi Cabinet

Upgrade to the Deluxe Maxi Cabinet for increased functionality and more working surface. The Deluxe comes with your choice of built-in waste compartment with porthole in the door or countertop, or additional shelving.

Tall Cabinet

Tall Standard Maxi Cabinet

The taller countertop height makes this cabinet ideal for doctors who prefer examining and treating patients from a standing position or those looking for additional storage. 

Tall Cabinet

Tall Deluxe Maxi Cabinet

This cabinet is loaded with storage. It features all of the extras included with the Deluxe Cabinet and two additional drawers and one additional shelf. The taller countertop height makes this cabinet ideal for doctors who prefer examining and treating patients from a standing position.

Standard Cabinets Include

  • Choice of two exterior finish materials
  • Choice of nine color combinations
  • Choice of two instruments with multiple mounting options
  • Two pieces of treatment glassware (clear and amber atomizers) with countertop storage holes
  • Stainless steel cotton/ointment container
  • High back and full-width cotton shelf
  • Four easy-glide locking casters
  • ETL/CSA listed
  • Aseptic counter top made from Wilsonart solid surface for easy removal of scratches, stains, and burns
  • Aseptic white plastic drawer liners or adjustable drawer dividers
  • Industrial quality, extra heavy duty pressure and vacuum pumps
  • Central vacuum/pressure version available
  • Left/right hand versions available

Deluxe Cabinets Include

Everything from our Standard Cabinets plus…

  • Three pieces of treatment glassware (clear atomizer, amber atomizer, and irrigation syringe) with countertop storage holes for each
  • Choice to have a Dirty Instrument Tray or not
  • Choice of a built-in waste compartment with porthole on the door or additional shelving

Custom Extra Wide CabinetExtra-Wide Cabinets

Custom cabinets can incorporate identical delivery systems from both sides of the cabinet.

SMR Mini Cabinets

The SMR Mini Cabinet is an economical choice. It includes many of the same features from the Maxi Cabinet line. Its compact design allows it to fit in almost any office. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us to find out about our custom solutions.

  • Black laminate countertop and laminate exterior finish with choice of two colors
  • Two pieces of treatment glassware (clear and amber atomizers) with countertop storage holes for each
  • Stainless steel cotton/ointment container
  • High back with full-width cotton shelf
  • Four easy-glide locking casters
  • ETL/CSA listed
  • Aseptic white plastic drawer liners or adjustable drawer dividers
  • Industrial quality, extra heavy duty pressure and vacuum pumps
  • Left/right hand versions available

White Nebula

Folkstone Grey

Construction & Materials

Interior Cabinet ConstructionAll SMR Maxi Cabinets are constructed with solid seven ply birch construction of all major components. This makes them rigid and durable for years of use.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless Steel offers a timeless style for any office. It is easy to maintain and is very durable, often lasting throughout an entire career. Stainless Steel SMR cabinets enhance the value of your practice.

Aluminum Composite Cabinets

Available in seven different colors, this material brings a contemporary look to any office. Aluminum Composite is much more durable than laminates and its smooth texture minimizes unsightly fingerprints and smudges. Aluminum Composite is a unique material made of two strong sheets of aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core.

Pressure and Vacuum Pumps

Pressure and vacuum pumpsThe vacuum pump has been upgraded to a more powerful model that attains full vacuum in half the time of the previous style. Specifications: 4.4CFM flow rate, 6.5 seconds to full vacuum.

Exterior Finish & Countertop
Color Combinations

Choose from the color combinations below or mix and match the exterior finish and countertop color choices for a small additional fee. If you are looking for something different, ask us about our custom color options.

Stainless Steel/Countertop

Aluminum Composite/Countertop

Optional Countertop


Two instruments are included with the purchase price of a cabinet. Instruments with an * are an upgrade and have an additional fee. Customers may choose two of the same instrument.

Instrument Mounting Options

Corded Side Mount

Corded Side-Mount

Can be mounted on either side of the cabinet


Right side of countertop, or side-mounted for an additional fee

Glassware & Jar Package

Standard cabinets include two pieces of glassware, a cotton/ointment jar, and built-in countertop holes for storage of each. Additional glassware, jars, or countertop holes can be added to any cabinet.


Each cabinet comes with your choice of plastic trays or adjustable dividers.

Cabinet Dimensions

StandardTallDeluxeTall DeluxeStandardTallDeluxeTall DeluxeMini
Two Otoscopes
Dirty Instrument Tray
# Glassware in Set223322332
Height (inches)4960.54960.549.560.549.560.549
Work Height (inches)33.544.7533.544.7533.544.7533.544.7533.5
Width (inches)24.7524.75 34.534.5292938.2538.2524.75
Depth (inches)17.2517.2517.2517.251919191917.25
Drawer Quantity (inches)3.5H x 9.25W
x 10D
2H x 20.25W
x 13.25D
3.5H x 20.25W x 13.25D121212121
Max Vacuum26.5 IN HG
Electrical110-120VAC, 60 HZ, 13 AMPS