Upcoming Events

2024-2025 Trade Shows, Trainings & Virtual Events

Below are the dates for upcoming events where you can find Global Surgical and get hands-on experience with a dental microscope. To follow along with our upcoming schedule, be sure to follow us on Facebook and continue to check this page for updates.

Attending any of these trainings, webinars or conferences? Let us know!

Many of these premier dental events continue growing each year thanks to continued interest and support from the greater dental community. Your thirst for knowledge and education makes these events such a success year after year.

For over 25 years, we’ve exhibited at many of the world’s leading dental community meetings, both large and small, to promote the use of surgical microscopes in dentistry.

For a full list of shows we’ve attended in 2023, check out our article: Top Dental & Specialty Events to Attend in 2023.

And, if you’ve never experienced the benefits of a dental microscope first-hand but are eager to get started or have questions, we are here to help! Reach out to a sales representative today by reaching out to us at 800-861-3585 or by clicking the button below.